Bard College at Simon’s Rock Ratings and Reviews

Bard College at Simon’s Rock Ratings and Reviews

But a while back, our Kroger had several of their products marked down for quick sale. You see, we love barbeque. Along with fried chicken, barbeque is one of the things that keeps me on the flexitarian side. And Stephanie misses real barbeque since she gave up meat. While we can find and make any number of excellent sauces — and sauce is really the key to good barbeque — finding the right protein to put it on is not as easy. I can’t believe it’s not chicken!

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How to write a bio about yourself or someone else betty ming liu Money , Writing how-to’s 13 Comments When I talk to my students about how to write a bio, they groan. Everyone hates writing bios. Really, you can do this.

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It’s been a while since I posted. Lots of things happened but I’ve been so busy with my work, garden and home stuff that I just don’t have time to update this blog. Writing in English is very taxing to me. My grammar is not perfect and my words are limited. Anyway, I will do my best on updating this blog. First about my mother. I haven’t seen her for about 3 weeks now. Benji now goes to daycare since March. It’s been good so far.

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Because he wanted to get the hell out of Iowa! Now gimme some candy! In most of the country, young’uns can just put on ripped hobo clothes and scream, “Trick or treat” to scam you out of fun-size Snickers. Advertisement But in the Midwest, a tradition dating back to Des Moines in the s requires the kids to first tell a joke before getting the good stuff.

A relative was dating a Los Angeles native who was a star writer for a major magazine–a Pulitzer winner!–who “didn’t know Chicago had a museum.” I don’t like to identify with the idea of a “Midwesterner.” I’m a Kansas Citian, and that is a lot different than a Chicagin or a someone from MN. My father grew up in Wakenda, MO.

Dear Molly, I have heard conflicting advice about this subject and would appreciate your opinion. When served bread or rolls or biscuits, what is the proper way to butter and then eat the item? If given a bread plate, do you put a pat of butter on the plate, then spread on the whole item, or just break or tear off a bite-sized piece and butter that only before eating it? What if you aren’t given a bread plate and there is little room on your dinner plate?

Thanks for your help. When I first lived in France, I found it terribly difficult to just put my bread on the table next to my plate. Every bone in my Midwestern-raised body that had been drilled to never put food on the table rebelled. Then I got used to it. The human spirit is an amazing thing. First, if there is a butter knife paired with the butter dish, use that to transfer a pat or knob of butter to the bread plate, if you have one, or the side of the dinner plate if there isn’t a separate bread plate.

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What you should be asking is how one red flannel shirt can supply the base for at least seven different costumes. Watch the Video 1. Lumberjack The lumberjack is a common fixture of many wooded locales, and it makes for a great Halloween costume. In my home state of Minnesota, our inspiration always came from the great legend or is it reality? Grow yourself a beard and grab some rugged boots, a pair of jeans, a nice wool stocking cap, and of course, an axe.

Dating versus courting – How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Shree ram headed to the songs, busy but down-to-earth midwesterner with okcupid on her factor model bella thorne confirms she’s too. Source said. Kakovostni in the banks has a man in.

They are the 10th sign of the zodiac, and I find people born in the latter half of the zodiac have a certain more aged or mature kind of vibe. They are not as fast paced about trying to move and shake the world and get things manifested — like an Aries. They are here to be more introspective, consider the world, and how to improve upon what is there. Capricorn in particular is reserved for this reason, they are all about conserving what they have to survive the harsh parts of winter.

They hold onto what they can, and get rid of that which has no purpose for them. Capricorns are really good at managing their resources, and they are great at keeping to traditions, generally a loyal sign, and an honest and straightforward sign. I find that Capricorns are often looked at as the family zodiac. This is someone who does well with a spouse and children because they have the right kind of focus to serve those around them and keep them on track for what is necessary.

They are not afraid to discipline their children, but still can be fun — goat like — with the kiddos. What are Earth Signs? How Does this Influence Capricorn?


My interest was held captive by Forest. I found him to be an anomoly in my mind because he professed to be a Christian and yet owned and traded many slaves. I had also read that he was the first grand dragon of the Klu Klux Clan. At that point I had no idea that slavery was endorsed by many Christians that owned plantations or had the money to buy slaves for their businesses or homes.

I would never have guessed as a teenager that I would someday walk the high points above the Tennessee River where Forrest had ridden and killed people to protect his freedom to deny black men, women, and children their freedom. A college friend and I studied his military tactics and recognized his prowess and intelligence in the art of raids.

I’m a plain-spoken Midwesterner, from South Dakota, living in Los Angeles, now single, after college in New Haven, a decade working in CT, two long-term partners, and fifteen years working in the corporate insurance business and several more years for myself.

His grandparents came from the Connemara Gaeltacht Irish speaking area in Galway and he retains a close affinity with Ireland. During the campaign he led a staff of over policy advisers and was the key figure back then on Northern Ireland and the Irish American community. His grandparents emigrated from Galway; his mother’s parents were O’Mahonys from Cork.

He is also close to Irish Ambassador Michael Collins. After that they moved to Minnesota, which is where the other five of us were born. Asked what being Irish in America is about he answered: Two were baptized Catholic, one an Anglican. The family attends both Catholic Mass and a Congregationalist church. His time in Ireland has been limited to 10 days in , when he was a student in Spain, and one week in when he and his wife lived in Germany.

And given his humility, I don’t think people always appreciate the breadth of his experience and the range of his talents. But McDonough clearly has the president’s ear. We do it every day. He is known for leaving thank-you notes for staffers when they have worked hard on a project. Psaki recalls receiving one such note from him for her work on Obama’s hectic first overseas trip as president in when he traveled to London for the Group of 20 before heading to France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and Iraq.

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For gift ideas, Worthy went straight to the source and asked a few of our favorite experts — each one of them strong influential women who are devoting their time and careers to empowering single moms — to weigh in. One pastime that makes me feel beautiful is Latin dancing, so I know what a great gift a package of dance lessons can be. Latin dancing is a wonderful source of exercise and can help a woman feel sexy.

This Bachelor Conversation Brought Up The Biggest In a world where Tinder rules dating, it’s doubtful the most devoted Bachelor Nation fan would fault a couple for recognizing maybe, just.

Contact Author The introverted intuitive feeler judger is one of the rarest personalities of all. Myers Briggs raises this personality up like a humanitarian with prophetic powers. Many Myers Brigg studies ask the question, why are there not more of them when we need them? The shoes are big to fill for the INFJ. Sometimes it can be the most beautiful delicate flower in a dryer than dry desert.

Other times, it is the most fierce voice in the room, uncontrollably honest, uncontrollably bent on its intuition to tell people where they fall short. As the peacemaker-kings of the world, the INFJ can often be misunderstood. Weird because there is a short supply of them. The following is a list of struggles, that many INFJs face. INFJs are extremely private. They are constantly building a world inside them and that can take awhile to unleash their secret hidden world till the timing is right, if ever right.

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Think I’m a selfish, terrible mother? Actually, the opposite is true. Later, I heard her whispering on the phone about what I’d said. She must have been thinking, “How did my little girl, the one with the stay-at-home mom and Catholic upbringing, know about divorce?

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I know what you, our dear, sweet acolytes of sin and scandal, are thinking. Frank Lincoln Lloyd Wright? Go grab some tissues and cake to absorb your eye-rain and your mind-feelings, respectively. Frankie was born in in Wisconsin to good, honest, hard-working prairie people. Kind, pure, milk-drinking Midwesterners, they were. He wanted to un-break homes professionally. This is deep shit.

So Frank kissed his Ma and his two sisters bye-byes , boarded the next train for Chicago, got a job at a mid-level architectural firm, and started sending checks home. Frankie was sort of a prodigy. And really, he was the worst kind of prodigy: Wants to have babies to pass off to an Irish nanny, embellish hats, maybe prune an indoor topiary or two. Your basic s lady-activities. He and Louis pal around for a handful of years in the way a curmudgeonly-but-talented-and-once- 1 older guy and an ambitious wunderkind are wont to do, but towards the end of his apprenticeship, Frankie designs a bunch of houses in secret.

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Among the consequences of the consequence are that students refuse to undertake out-of-class reading assignments, fail quizzes related to those assignments, and then lodge complaints with chairs and deans against the instructor. The concession naturally and drastically reduces the amount of reading that the semester can accommodate, but it obviates the career-threatening complaints.

I would describe all of my courses as reading-intensive courses, which is what I take for the inescapable character of any literature course. My students are for the most part as reading-averse as the students at the nearby private college, but my institution is gratifyingly less prone to mollifying student recalcitrance than its private counterpart.

I make it clear to students that to pass the course whatever it might be they must do the reading. I explain that reading requires exertion that can at times be painful and that to incentivize them to surmount the moral obstacle inherent in clearing the assignment, I will quiz them regularly, but with absolute fairness, to assess whether or not they are discharging their obligation under the semester.

January 12, January 12, Ask a (Sensible) Midwesterner Leave a comment Dear Sensible Midwesterner, I was at a dinner where my wife was seated to .

Ryan rolls his ankle every time he sneezes, gets giddy at the sight of bacon, and showers roughly once every full moon. He has agreed to make an exception for this special occasion, however, and will be relatively clean for the wedding. Zach ‘Knob’ Knoblett – Groomsman Zach was a fellow resident in Josh’s old apartment complex in Caramel Valley and the two became fast friends after realizing their mutual Hoosier roots one day when Josh noticed him out and about wearing an IU sweatshirt.

He is a froth-mouthed Minnesota Vikings fan, an avid Star Wars enthusiast, and aspires to one day own his own Christmas tree farm. After several years, Howell traded in the sunny beaches of San Diego for the temperamental weather of Rochester, MN where he now works as a cytotechnologist for Mayo Clinic. Josh lives with his wife, Allison, and their four dogs pending the addition of an otter, a goat, or a fifth dog He loves a good Irish whiskey, dogs obviously , and inexplicably gets up at 4am almost every morning.

Zak Karst – Groomsman Zak and Josh have been friends since elementary school and they spent their college years together in the Graphic Design program at the University of Saint Francis. Zak moved to San Diego soon after Josh in Zak loves video games, reading science fiction and philosophy, hiking, and generally exploring the west coast.

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