Poland Map / Geography of Poland / Map of Poland

Poland Map / Geography of Poland / Map of Poland

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Early history[ edit ] Construction of St John’s Cathedral began in It is one of Warsaw’s most ancient and important buildings. In the beginning of the 14th century it became one of the seats of the Dukes of Masovia , becoming the official capital of the Masovian Duchy in Upon the extinction of the local ducal line, the duchy was reincorporated into the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland in Painted by Bernardo Bellotto In , Warsaw for the first time became the seat of the General Sejm , permanently from Several private independent districts were established, the property of aristocrats and the gentry, which were ruled by their own laws.

Three times between — the city was under siege and three times it was taken and pillaged by the Swedish, Brandenburgian and Transylvanian forces. The city was besieged several times and was obliged to pay heavy tribute.

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The fruits of labor expresses itself with beautiful objects that can be viewed as the mortar holding the bricks of Polish customs on a solid foundation. Both celebrate the Summer of Love. Launching her candle lit wianka at dusk in hopes it will find its way to the man of her dreams. Polish Customs You’d be hard pressed to find many secular holidays, celebrations or significant cultural customs when it comes to the observance of Polish customs. Poles are fun lovers who enjoy festivities, traditions and centuries-old Polish customs.

The most ancient rituals, especially those dating back to pagan times, have long lost their magical character, becoming a colorful vestige of the past and a form of amusement. Andrzejki Day Rituals Not diamonds, but picket fences, melted candle wax and walnut shells are a girls best friend on this special night. November 29th – just before the full moon is the Eve of St.

This is a special time for young Polish girls who want to find a husband. On this night and the next day, fortunes are told and the results are not taken lightly. Here are a few ways that fortunes are told: The most popular way is by melting wax and pouring it into a bowl of cold water. Wax is then picked up from the water, raised to the light, and the girls try to see the similarities of it to real objects.

Depending on the shapes, fortunes are told for the following year.


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Poland became a unified kingdom in the first half of the 10th century, and officially adopted Catholicism in The fragmentation and loss of central authority could not have come at a worse time, with the Mongol Empire invading and wreaking havoc on the realm repeatedly in , , and lastly between Following its reunification, Poland experienced its golden age from the 14th till the 16th century, under the reigns of King Casimir III the Great and the monarchs of the Jagiellonian dynasty, whose rule extended from the Baltic to the Black and Adriatic seas.

After uniting with Lithuania in , the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth became the largest country in Europe.

Dating to the 10 th century, it’s been rebuilt several times following war and disaster, and is a symbol of Polish faith and endurance. The interior is packed with reminders of .

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