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Project MUSE

Going, Going, Gauguin We went to Tokyo last week to see a wonderful exhibition of paintings, wood prints, etchings, and a sculpture by Paul Gauguin. Funny thing was, we had skimmed over the information about it and assumed you know what means that it was to be held at the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno Park where we saw ” Master Paintings of 17th Century Europe ” in June. K bought our tickets on line and had found out that there is a free shuttle bus from Tokyo Station to the Gauguin exhibit, but not exactly from where it leaves. Window cleaning with a loooooong extension pole at Tokyo Station’s North Entrance So, it was with very incomplete data that we arrived in Tokyo on the last Wednesday in July. I had some business to take care of just a block from the station, which went smoothly enough. We then set off to find the free shuttle. As you will see, it is a good thing that we didn’t just hop on a train to Ueno Park, but the bad news was we spent time roaming around Tokyo Station which ain’t small looking for the shuttle bus.

Pacific Islanders forced to leave

For more than years ancient Hawaiians could find sanctuary here after violating kapu. Hawaiians who violated kapu could avoid death by fleeing to this area and seeking refuge until they were absolved by a priest. People could also find sanctuary here during wars.

The Grants to Enhance Culturally Specific Services for Victims of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking Program supports community-based organizations in providing culturally relevant services to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

Opportunities Interested in getting support for your project? The mission of Pacific Islanders in Communications PIC is to support, advance and develop media content that results in a deeper understanding of Pacific Island history, culture and society. In keeping with the mission, PIC provides funding in various ways for content intended for public media distribution that brings new audiences to public media, advance issues and represents diverse voices and points of view not seen anywhere else.

Projects applying to Media Fund must be intended for national public television broadcast and therefore must be able to enter into a license agreement — this is not a grant. Digital Shorts Fund The Digital Shorts Fund provides funding for the completion of fiction and non-fiction short content of untold stories and fresh perspectives on the Pacific Islander experience. Projects that are completed must be intended for public media digital platforms and therefore applicants must enter into a license agreement if funding is awarded.

PIC Special Projects PIC accepts proposals on an ongoing basis for documentary projects for public television broadcast that fall outside the parameters of the Media Fund. Such projects must meet a set of strict criteria in order to be considered for funding. It is an unprecedented collection of critically acclaimed documentaries centered on the Pacific Islander experience. Pacific Heartbeat is now seeking submissions for broadcast during the season.

Pacific Island languages

Pacific Islander Diet The Pacific Island region is racially and culturally diverse. The cuisine varies slightly from island to island and is a blend of native foods with European, Japanese and American influences.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Travel Itinerary. Pu’uhonua o Honaunau also preserves the Trail, part the Ala Kahakai, an ancient system of trails that encircled the Island of Hawai’i and connected the villages along the portion of the Ala Kahakai was last improved in .

The theme of the event will be “Building Community: A Call to the Common Good”. For more information, please check the website. To register for this event, please visit the website. There will be a keynote presentation by Fr. Ricky Manalo and breakout sessions with Fr. Stephen Cherry, and Dr.


What is Domestic Violence? It is a pattern of verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse, threats, intimidation, isolation, or coercion used by one person to exert power and control over another person in a dating, family, or household relationship. When you are in danger: Call for help in any emergency.

Take photos of any physical injuries, obtain copies of medical and police reports, and get statements from witnesses. Set aside an overnight bag in a safe place.

9 days ago · While Townsend the coach was at pains pre-match to stress the perils of taking on the Pacific Islanders on at their own game – the first defeat of .

This review of internal, once secret, tobacco company documents tells the story of how US tobacco companies recognised the emergence of the Asian American and Pacific Islander AAPI segment as a potential market. The documents also detail the opportunities and barriers inherent in marketing to this diverse community, and disclose the wide ranging efforts put forth by the tobacco industry to target the AAPI market. Topics have included the content of cigarette ads, 5 imagery design, 6 effectiveness of advertising warnings, 7 advertising agency operations, 8 effects of bans and major restrictions, 9 and the failures and shortcomings of self regulation.

Ethnicity and race of models in advertisements consistently matches that of the neighbourhood. Studies have compared the relative frequency of advertising, use of ethnic models, and advertising content in magazines with predominantly black readership such as Ebony, Jet, and Essence to magazines with predominantly white readership such as Life. Magazines such as Ebony had less tobacco advertising in the s, but this changed beginning in the s.

This description is intended to be useful to tobacco control efforts addressing this ethnic population.

History of the Pacific Islands

Spare a thought then for the long-gone residents of the Solomon Islands, who 3, years ago probably used volcanic glass obsidian to cut their own skin and infuse it with charcoal and ochre, a natural yellowish pigment. As reported in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports , the South Pacific island has a long history of tattooing, but rapid post-mortem skin degeneration means that physical evidence for tattooing techniques are almost always lost to the ravages of time.

Even the tools that are often thought to have been used to generate tattoos, like fish bones, are biodegradable. Ultimately, this profound lack of evidence has led to a lot of unfounded conjecture on the subject. Looking for the most likely tattooing device, their search of the islands revealed only one realistic contender.

America’s heated gun debate has extended to a remote Pacific territory, with a court overturning a ban on handguns in the Northern Marianas after ruling it breached the US Constitution’s Second.

Domestic violence in API communities is an urgent problem requiring cultural expertise in formulating system-based responses and community-based strategies. The urgency is compounded by several issues: Learn more about API identities and demographics Although the richness of API diversity is something to be celebrated, it also means that attitudes towards and dynamics of domestic violence differ across ethnic groups. A once-size-fits-all approach is inadequate, and many programs are not equipped or lack the understanding to respond effectively to survivors.

For example, there can be multiple abusers in the home i. These barriers are often fortified by cultures of hostility towards immigrants and refugees. Their batterers often further exploit these challenges by threatening women with deportation, loss of children, or tightening control of finances. Cultural competency means advocating despite these barriers, and devising prevention and intervention strategies n response to new trends that further isolate women.

Community Norms and Victim-Blaming Because patriarchal community norms and leaders prevent change instead of preventing gender violence; survivors and their children contend with community-generated barriers. Community reinforcements that keep gender violence in place utilize victim blaming, silencing, shaming, and rejecting survivors who speak up or seek help. Because women do not disclose abuse out of fear of being shamed, batterers in effect enjoy covert or overt community support and even immunity from accountability.

Five Pacific islands lost to rising seas as climate change hits

This historic visit is the first time the Commission has directly engaged with leaders in the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community. During our visit, the Commission attended a series of site visits related to policy issues important to the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community, and witnessed what life is like in these communities. This ancient fishpond is an example of traditional Hawaiian sustainable aquaculture, dating back to As a private non-profit organization, Paepae o He’eia, provides educational opportunities to schools and community members on the importance of sustainable aquaculture and the removal of invasive species of vegetation.

Description Incorporating research findings over the last twenty years, First Islanders examines the human prehistory of Island Southeast Asia. This fascinating story is explored from a broad swathe of multidisciplinary perspectives and pays close attention to migration in the period dating from million years ago to the development of Indic kingdoms late in the first millennium CE.

Tribes; Rongowhakaata, Ngati Kahungunu, Ngaitahu. It is no surprise to learn that their ancestors are from Canada. Baskets for sale, Niue, Not only are these people genetically related to the Pima, but they even make baskets the same way. They are not the product of a single migration through The Bering Land Bridge as some people believe, but are the result of numerous migratory ocean voyages across the Atlantic and Pacific.

This in turn has influenced the resultant population of people that we find in the Pacific. Cro Magnon man appears to have arrived in America from Spain between 18, and 12, years ago, bringing with him a unique stone fluting technology along with the Caucasian Haplotype X cluster of genes common amongst the Algonquins and Athapaskans. This, along with an influx of Asian genes along the Pacific coast meant that Central America, by its geographical nature was obviously a meeting place for cultures from both the East and the West.

Hence we have groups such as the Picts of Scotland covering themselves with Tattoos, an ancient Asian custom.

Polynesian navigation

There are approximately 25, islands, atolls and islets in Oceania. The islands of Tonga, Tahiti, and Fiji are located within two of these three areas. Polynesia means “many islands,” and includes within its 5 million squares miles the Kingdom of Tonga and the Territory of French Polynesia, where Tahiti is located. Samoa and Hawaii are also found in Polynesia. The region’s name comes from the Greek word melas, meaning black.

It was so named because of the skin color of island natives.

Findings from this study can be used to develop more accurate methods of capturing PTSD symptoms among Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders, and other minority groups.

Biodiversity Ecology Marine Biology Sharks By SciTechDaily August 13, The analysis of the weapons used by the indigenous people of the Gilbert Islands in the central Pacific Ocean, which primarily use shark teeth, indicate that at least three species of shark have disappeared from the waters near the islands. The people of the Gilbert Islands have been creating weapons from shark teeth for centuries. Drew used these teeth to show that the waters around these islands, which are part of the Republic of Kiribati, were once the home of three species of sharks that are no longer found in this area.

Drew analyzed shark-tooth weapons, which included swords, tridents and a 4-meter-long lance, dating back over years. All of these weapons use a similar construction technique. Holes are drilled into them and teeth are lashed onto the buttresses of wood with cords made from coconut leaves. The teeth in one weapon usually come from the same species, but Drew found several blades which belong to a rare species of blue shark Prionace glauca.

This could have been a signature of a single artisan. Sharks can be identified by their teeth, which allow these weapons to provide a clear record of the species that were once prevalent around the Gilbert Islands. Drew used field guides and high resolution photos to identify the teeth. The teeth came from 19 species of shark, and three of these, the spottail shark Carcharhinus sorrah , dusky shark Carcharhinus obscurus and bignose shark Carcharhinus altimus are no longer found in the water close to the islands.

NDW Joins the Nation in Celebrating Asian American, Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Islanders 2, Hurricanes 1. Ryan Pulock scored the go-ahead goal late in the second period and Josh Bailey had two assists for the Islanders, who have earned points in three straight games. Playing eight of their first 11 games on the road, they’ve won two in a row for the first time. Teuvo Teravainen scored for Carolina while Sebastian Aho matched a pair of club records with an assist – giving him points and assists in all 11 games this season, the longest active streak in the league.

The Hurricanes had their two-game winning streak snapped and missed a chance to jump idle Pittsburgh for first place in the Metropolitan Division.

The Pitcairn Islands are a group of islands in the southern only live on the second-largest of the four islands. That island is named is governed by the United has the smallest number of people of any country.

Construction of monumental buildings followed over the next several centuries on other islands not in the Saudeleur Dynasty across Oceania. Alderson, University of Cambridge, U. Lawrence Edwards, University of Minnesota. Now part of the island nation of the Federated States of Micronesia, Pohnpei Island and its nearby atolls have a population of 34, Unlike Egypt and the Pyramids however, Nan Madol was invented much more recently in the big story of human prehistory, he said. The Romans had come and gone.

According to local oral history, the Saudeleur Dynasty is estimated to have begun its rule around by counting back generations from the modern day. To build the tomb and other structures, naturally formed boulders of basalt, each weighing tons, were somehow transported far from existing quarries on the other side of the island to a lagoon overgrown with mangrove and stretching across acres 83 hectares.

The basalt blocks formed when hot lava cooled and adopted the shape of long, column-shaped boulders and cobbles. Formed from 1 million to 8 million years ago, they came from a number of possible quarry locations on the island. The structures were constructed about three feet above waterline by laying down framing stones, filling the void between them with crushed coral, then laying up double parallel walls and again filling the gap between with crushed coral.

Pacific Islanders Weapons Indicate that Three Shark Species Disappeared

Click here to access materials from the webinar. Raising awareness of these places will assist their preservation for the future. By illustrating the range of ethnicity, religion, class, occupation, and gender that make up API communities, we will help create a more complete picture of United States history. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders This page booklet examines the enduring and influential presence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders—from the earliest settlement of the country to the economic development of the West to the desegregation of public schools in the 20th century and political influence in the 21st.

The human settlement of the Pacific Islands represents one of the most recent major migration events of mankind. Polynesians originated in Asia accor We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website.

Ancient Hawaii and Discovery and settlement of Hawaii A projection of the Polynesian triangle on the globe. Between about and BC speakers of Austronesian languages spread through the islands of Southeast Asia — almost certainly starting out from Taiwan , [2] as tribes whose natives were thought to have previously arrived from mainland South China about years ago — into the edges of western Micronesia and on into Melanesia.

In the archaeological record there are well-defined traces of this expansion which allow the path it took to be followed and dated with a degree of certainty. In the mid-2nd millennium BC a distinctive culture appeared suddenly in north-west Melanesia, in the Bismarck Archipelago , the chain of islands forming a great arch from New Britain to the Admiralty Islands. This culture, known as Lapita , stands out in the Melanesian archeological record, with its large permanent villages on beach terraces along the coasts.

Particularly characteristic of the Lapita culture is the making of pottery, including a great many vessels of varied shapes, some distinguished by fine patterns and motifs pressed into the clay. However, pottery-making died out in most of Polynesia due to the scarcity of clay on the islands. The pattern of settlement also extended to the north of Samoa to the Tuvaluan atolls, with Tuvalu providing a stepping stone to migration into the Polynesian Outlier communities in Melanesia and Micronesia.

The double-hulled canoes were two large hulls, equal in length, and lashed side by side.


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